Momsense 如何運作?


寶寶吞食時,我們聽到 / Baby swallows, We listen.

當您的寶寶受乳時,BabySafe 安全感應器傳送和記錄寶寶的吞嚥聲音。我們的智能和安全技術能夠追蹤和分析每次受乳,並顯示您的寶寶喝了多少。只需將BabySafe 感應器輕輕放置在嬰兒耳垂下方,並使用柔軟安全的低過敏3M™貼紙保持在原位。

BabySafe 安全感應器,並不產生發射信號或電磁信號。

As your baby breastfeeds, the safe sensor amplifies and records each baby swallow. Our smart and safe technology tracks and analyzes each nursing session showing you how much your baby nursed. The sensor is gently placed below the baby's earlobe and stays in place with a soft and safe hypoallergenic 3M™ sticker.


細心聆聽 / You can listen and bond with your baby, too.


Our earphones allow you to listen to your baby's swallows and enjoy the comfort of hearing your baby nurse. Share the experience with your loved ones. The App also keeps a recording of each breastfeeding session.



Now You Know.

詳細報告摘要,其中包括受乳統計時間和每側消耗數量。這些報告將以日誌形式收錄 並把寶寶的吞嚥聲音收錄為專輯。

You will receive a detailed summary report, which includes nursing duration, and the quantity consumed on each side. These reports get saved in the feeding log along with a vocal swallow album.

Know How Much
Monitor Your Baby's Swallows
Feeding Log



* 需配合智能手機或平板電腦使用